Thoughts On A Sunday

This was a short weekend for yours truly as I only had Saturday off. At 7 this morning I was up and about and readying myself to head into work.

I don't usually work on Sunday's, but a conflict between work and some of my non-work duties made it necessary to ensure I got my requisite 40+ hours in this week. So my boss said he had no problems if I put in some time over the weekend, hence going to work today.

As a result, my weekly TOAS may not be as long as it usually is, but at least I'll get something posted, right?


We've known for some time that Washington DC has a hard time learning things, but it's particularly true of the District's city government. One would think that after it lost in the Heller vs District of Columbia Supreme Court decision, the city would do as so many other cities and states have and follow the law. But it appears the District still thinks it can get around pesky little inconveniences like the Second Amendment by crafting gun registration requirements so restrictive that they in effect still outlaw gun ownership by District citizens. Too bad for them that the U.S Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia has ruled against such moves by the District after a follow-on suit by Dick Heller of Heller vs District of Columbia fame.

Somehow I doubt this battle between the law abiding citizens of the District and their city government is anywhere near over. I expect the government will find yet another way of throwing up yet another round of almost impassable roadblocks to prevent the citizens from being able to defend themselves.


If this isn't the best smackdown of Common Core mathematics, I don't know what is.

As one commenter wrote:

Math was taught for thousands of years to students in the old way and the method resulted in Einstein, Turing and thousands of mathematicians and physicists who have brought our civilization this far.

What kind of ego and hubris do the developers of Common Core have to think they have discovered a better way?



Call it The Revenge of Sarah Palin. What is it? Gas at $2 a gallon.


It's one thing to for the warmists to try to explain what's caused the pause in warming as an anomoly. Now they're trying to say that it never happened and that an so-called pause was just a statistical error.

That might explain why they've been adjusting all temperatures prior to the 1950's downward and all temps after upwards because all temperatures measured since the 1850's or so have been wrong and needed 'adjustments' to fit the narrative. Too bad reality isn't going to follow their lead and temperatures will continue to do what they've done long before these self-deluded idiots came along.

This also begs the question of what happens if temperatures start falling and we enter another Little Ice Age because of a lengthy solar minimum? Or will they ask us ignore what's happening outside our windows and believe that warming has caused a global drop in temperatures?

Of course they will. In fact, they'll insist we do so or risk going to prison.


And that's the abbreviated news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where it's going to be chilly tonight, warm tomorrow, and where some leaves are starting to change color.