Thoughts On A Sunday

I spent part of the day yesterday chopping out more sumac from around the grounds of The Manse. It is a never ending battle against that weed, something that spreads quickly and chokes out all other plant life. After filling the bed of the trusty F150, I hauled all that I cut out to our town's brush pile at the recycling center. I figure I've got at least two or three more weekends to get the easily reached sumac cut out and hauled away. The rest will have to wait until the leaves have fallen from the other trees and plants top reach the rest.


You know our laws about sexual assault have passed the point of absurdity when a 13-year old boy is charged with second-degree sexual assault for kissing a 14-year old girl on a dare.

Seeing that it took place in school, the school administrators decided to report the incident to the police who then stated he will be charged with sexual assault. This is incredibly stupid and a bunch of people need to be fired, particularly the school administrators.

It's of course true that every 14-year-old has the right not to be kissed. I'm not saying the boy's transgression should go unpunished. What I'm saying is this: he should not be charged with assault. He's 13. Thirteen-year-olds do stupid stuff. They screw up. And when the consequences of their actions are as minor as this, it's better to reprimand them in a manner that does not involve the criminal justice system.

It's more than likely that if the charges go forward and the boy is convicted, he will have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. He will be seen as no different as rapists, pedophiles, and other sexual criminals. His future will be destroyed before it's even begun because meat-head school administrators are incapable of making a judgment call and will most likely hew to the line that it's school policy leaving them no wiggle room, something I always see as a BS claim because administrators do have discretion in these matters, they are just to chickens**t to exercise it.


Here's yet another example of things that have passed the point of absurdity:

A woman complains because a copies of the latest issue of New Scientist are in the “mens and motors” section of a supermarket's magazine aisle, taking it to social media and calling it 'sexist'.

Is there nothing that isn't offensive to anyone any more? These people need to grow up.


You know it's getting bad in the Middle East when al Qaeda declares war on ISIS.

I guess al Qaeda thinks ISIS is giving Islamic Extremism a bad name or something.


Unlike refugee migrations in the past, why are we seeing so few women and children in the Syrian refugee crisis?

Could it be that this migration has little to do with actual refugees and more to do with moving more Muslims into Europe?


So those of us who are skeptical of AGW have “an intellectual stance that is uncomfortably close to Hitler's”? Really?

Who is it that has been calling for a drastic reduction in the human population to 'save the Earth' by any means necessary? It sure as heck hasn't been the skeptics.


David Starr relates his latest encounter with a number of computer viruses that brought his desktop to a crawl.


You know it's getting bad when a sitting member of Congress states that colleges should be able to expel students accused of sexual assault even when the college is only 20 percent sure such students are guilty.

So in a politically charged atmosphere such as we're seeing on college campuses, a murderer has more rights than someone accused to sexual assault, even poorly defined sexual assault?

That's effed up.


Is a smaller and cheaper fusion reactor on the horizon? I'm all for it...if it works. But no one has been able to reach the break-even point yet. Maybe this one will.


For the most part it's been quiet around the lake since most of the summerfolk have gone for the year. There's still plenty of summer activities taking place, but it's mostly the locals partaking of them. The water temperature at the lake is still well above 75 degrees, meaning we'll still be swimming for at least another couple of weeks.

If this is global warming, I'm all for it.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where there's much less traffic on the roads and lake, many of the summer businesses have closed, and where we're keeping thoughts of fall as far away as possible.