Conservative Student Being Pressure To Leave Yale By The Tolerant Left

As if we need even more evidence of the 'tolerance' shown by the indoctrinated larval Progressives on college campuses, here's a beaut from Yale University, that bastion of free-thinking and tolerance for those who might disagree with certain viewpoints.

A conservative student at Yale University is being harassed for her beliefs; she’s been called a “bigot,” and has been encouraged by some peers to leave campus.

In an interview Sunday with Fox News, Yale sophomore Aryssa Damron said her views have not always been welcomed at the Ivy League institution.

“I’ve received some negative backlash from students,” she said. “I wear a lot of elephants and conservative apparel on campus, and I have been called a bigot from across crowded hallways simply because of what I was wearing. I had someone tell me last year they could not live with me because I was too conservative.”

Asked where the open-mindedness is on her campus, she replied: “I am still looking for it. I’ll let you know if I find it. It’s a very liberal campus. It’s a very liberal city. And as a conservative on Yale we are often minimalized.”

And like many liberal cities, New Haven, Connecticut has a host of problems after decades of Democrat rule. But that's small potatoes compared to the problem on the Yale campus, where those labeling Ms. Damron as a bigot are, ironically, the bigots.

They judge her because of her beliefs, not because of her actions or her character. They have in their minds what she is without even knowing her.

In case these close-minded morons don't know the definition of bigotry, perhaps it would help if they looked up the definition in the dictionary, or better yet, merely look in the mirror. If we presented them with a sanitized version of what they've been doing were presented to them, the story related to them in such a way that they would not see themselves in the storyline by swapping the identity of the victim to someone like themselves on a conservative campus, I'm sure they would claim the people prejudging the poor innocent Progressive are being close-minded and bigoted. If you then revealed the true identities of the people in the story, one of three things would happen: a few of those not truly and deeply brainwashed would realize they are the villains and were exactly what they accused Ms. Damron of being; some would deny that it was possible for them to be bigoted and intolerant and that we conned them with some kind of conservative mind trick, then denounce us and brand us “haters”; or their heads would explode.

Of the three scenarios, I expect the second one to be the most likely outcome of such a presentation. A single incident rarely tears away the veil of deception that has blinded someone to reality. Perhaps a very few, here and there, might stop and think about what happened and come to realize they've been lied to and have become exactly what they detest. But that would be rare indeed.