Thoughts On A Sunday

It was a twofer yesterday, with a lot of yard work being done and brush and leaves and other removed vegetation being hauled away. And then there was a graduation party to attend.

In this case it was Horse Girl's graduation and we gladly attended, though perhaps not for as long as we would have liked as there were other things that still needed to be finished at The Manse before the day was done.

All I know I was left a bit sore and out of sorts at the end of the day and ended up taking more than a few analgesics to help with the discomfort.


One welcome change to our small town here in central New Hampshire: Our general store has changed hands and the new owners are looking to keep it going, making a few minor changes and performing a number of much needed repairs and renovations.

Fortunately the new owners are not Flatlanders, so they have a pretty good handle on how things work up here. In fact, they live one town over from here, were successful in construction and real estate, and decided the store fit in with their plans for 'retirement', as young as they are.

For those of you in more urban or suburban settings, the small general store tends to be a place where one can pick up anything from coffee and donuts to the latest information about the doings in town. It's a hangout. In our little town people of all ages are patrons of the store, with most of the adults being there in the morning before work and in the afternoon on their way home from work. The kids show up at lunch time and again after school, and some times after some of the after-school activities have finished.


I know the New York Times is a shadow of its former self, having become quite decadent in its genteel decay, but I have to wonder whether it is so far gone that it is suffering from the journalistic version of dementia. The latest bit of evidence this is so is its calling SEAL Team 6 “America's Most Evil Gang.”

Does anyone at the NYT understand the purpose of the SEALs, particularly SEAL Team 6? If a situation comes to the point where they go in it ain't because they're going to be serving tea and crumpets. It usually means a number of Bad Guys are gonna die. What don't they understand about this?


Valuable information for the 21st Century: How to Become Gluten Intolerant.

Well worth watching.


Obama's claim that “America is the most respected country” doesn't stand up to scrutiny, and one person, Judge Jeanine Pirro, rips the President a new one on the matter.


“You Are Now Leaving The American Sector”, a sign that should be posted at all of the entrances to American colleges and universities because,quite frankly, it appears our constitutional rights no longer exist once we enter the halls of academe. It will be a reminder that you have no freedom of speech, religion, or due process once you are on college grounds.


David Starr comments upon Voter ID, particularly as it pertains to small town America.

The dems have been bad mouthing it.  Could it be that they fear it would weed out illegal democratic voters?  Actually where I am, it doesn't matter much.  I know the poll workers, and they know me. It is small town America up here.  But, having the ability to ask for a photo ID from people they don't recognize, does tighten things up.  And everybody has a driver's license in America.  And they all have photo's on them now.  I don't believe all the sob talk about what a terrible burden it is to obtain a photo ID, every one has a driver's license.  Otherwise how do they get to work?

I came across one small flaw in David's post, that being he assumes everyone works. But even those who don't work and are collecting government benefits has to have an ID, so the argument Democrats put forth about the 'burden' of getting an ID is just so much hot air.

David goes on to suggest doing away with “same day registration”, something we both see as a means of abusing the system and allowing ineligible voters to cast a vote.

One thing the New Hampshire Legislature has done is pass a bill that requires a minimum 30 days of residency in order to register to vote. This does away with the so-called “drive-by residency” of many campaign workers during the presidential primary season here in New Hampshire. I have no idea if the governor, Maggie Hassan, will sign it or not. Somehow I'm inclined to believe she won't as such a bill would hurt possible future Democrat candidates for office. I hope I am proved wrong.


The Lonely Conservative asks us to imagine a world with no inequality.

It sounds like a horrible place.

Then again, we've seen more than one nation try the whole “everyone's equal” social experiment over the past few hundred years. Every. Single. One. Failed.

(H/T Pirate's Cove)


You know this Title IX “rape epidemic” faux crisis has gone too far when a college persecutes (not prosecutes) a male student who was so incapacitated by alcohol that he couldn't possibly give consent to a sober female student before she fellated him.

That's right. He was passed out. She proceeded to have oral sex with him. He stands accused of sexual misconduct.

What's wrong with this picture?

Needless to say, the now expelled male college student is suing the college that did such a shabby and wholly incompetent and biased investigation.

I hope he gets millions.


Motorcycle Week here in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire starts next weekend!


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the weather has been cooperating, the smell of BBQ grills have been ubiquitous, and sounds of summer are making themselves known.