The Three Stooges Of The Apocalypse

When I first saw the title of this opinion piece by Michael Goodwin in the New York Post, the first name that came to mind was Obama. Seeing as the Post is a New York paper, I figured the next two names wouldn’t be out of Washington, and I was right. Still, Goodwin got it right, including both New York governor Andrew Cuomo and New York City mayor Bill de Blasio.

A new world order may be coming, or it may just be a long period of bloody disorder. The only clarity is an unshakable conviction that something fundamental is changing for the worse.

The biggest change is that America, the modern world’s anchor of stability and security, is being roiled by a never-ending loop of turmoil and division. Mankind’s last resort feels unsettled and unreliable, adding to the sense of impending danger.

The lion’s share of the blame belongs to our awful governments, from New York City to Albany to Washington.

I can think of no other period when we simultaneously had such terrible leaders and ineffective lawmakers at all three levels. They seem to feed on each other’s worst instincts, competing to lay claim to the most sweeping changes, no matter the method or impact.

All three are clueless and singularly unaccomplished prior to gaining elected office.(Obama was still unaccomplished even after gaining elected office, particularly in the US Senate where he did absolutely nothing of note). They gladly wear ideological blinders that keep them from seeing the world (or at least their areas of responsibility) as it really is, turn a blind eye to “corruption, incompetence and arrogance, trickling up and trickling down”, and don’t give a rat’s ass about what the citizens really need because, after all, everyone else is wrong/greedy/stupid/unworthy. Their only accomplishments so far have been to damage the economy, alienate even those who support them, generate divisiveness where it will benefit them, and pee on our backs and tell us it’s raining.

They make things worse and while telling us things are getting better. It’s sounding more like the old Soviet Union all the time, telling us we’re on our way to a “glorious socialist future” that never arrives.

Their very public failures? Here’s a short list:

Obama – ObamaCare, Smart Diplomacy (Iraq, Syria, ISIS, Libya, Iran), the wasted $878 billion stimulus, a stagnant U6 unemployment rate, and the lowest labor participation rate in over 4 decades, just to name a few.

Cuomo – Banning fracking, widespread corruption in state government, his office under investigation, and handing out 10-year tax incentives for new businesses while taxing the bejeezus out of existing businesses.

De Blasio – Utterly clueless about what’s need to run New York, pushing wealth redistribution while riding high on the hog himself, backing away from the highly successful “broken windows” policies instituted by Rudi Giuliani and continued by Michael Bloomberg, hamstringing the NYPD in other areas which are bringing back the bad old days of “Fort Apache – The Bronx” with rapidly rising murder rates and shootings.

The least thing New York and this nation need are more of the same. These three stooges symbolize everything that’s gone wrong over the past six years and they’re doing their best to make sure things get even worse.