Is A Nationwide 'Yes Means Yes' Affirmative Consent Law In Our Future?

File this one under “Just when I thought they couldn't get any stupider.” (Yes, this is the second time in two days I've used that tagline.)

It's bad enough when the so-called “Yes Means Yes” requirement is put forward on college campuses. It's worse when a state (California) passes a law that requires “affirmative consent” (meaning Yes means Yes) that applies to college campuses. Now two legal 'geniuses' want to make such a law nationwide that applies to everyone.

They don't seem to care that it will leave men so open false accusations, even years after the sexual encounters. (Think it won't happen? Just ask any divorced dad who had to fight for custody about false accusations of child abuse that came up 'suddenly' during the custody battle.)

It's bad enough the government has been making almost everything illegal, but now they want to make sex illegal too. Excuse my language, but are these fucking morons serious? This is taking the feminist-driven PC crap too damn far. I thought these liberal assholes wanted to get the government out of our bedrooms, not into them.

What's next, getting the lawyers involved before each sex act?

I'm afraid that's what it will boil down to in the end. There will also be a requirement for video proof and/or an impartial third party to witness all such sexual interactions, and then only after duly notarized contracts are signed by both parties.

If it ever comes to that it would be best of we burn everything down and start from scratch because the lunatics will indeed be running the asylum.