SCOTUS Makes The Wrong Decision On King vs Burwell

It appears the Supreme Court has put yet another nail in the coffin that holds what is left of our Constitution and our nation.

If nothing else the King vs. Burwell decision has proven to me that Chief Justice Roberts does not have the best interests of the American people at heart, siding with the liberals on the Court (again) to defend that piece of crap legislation called ObamaCare (again). It appears Roberts buys the bullshit that our Constitution is a “living document” and that the original intent of the Framers and the Amendments mean nothing.

He and the others continue to saddle the American people with this feel-good, do-nothing, very expensive and ineffective program that hasn't delivered on the promises made by The One, Pelosi, or Reid. It will in the end destroy a once great health care system and replace it with artificial shortages, forced rationing, and rapidly increasing costs to be followed by decreasing quality of care and a reversal of the trend towards longer and healthier lives.

It's time to end this bullshit put forth by the “but it makes me feel better even if it doesn't really help anyone” leftists. To them results don't matter as long as their intentions were good. We've seen again and again how that's worked out over the years.

I'm beginning to think the only way we can solve the decay within our nation is to start fresh. Maybe it's time for a Second Civil War. If not that, then maybe it's time for a divorce.