Thoughts On A Sunday

This weekend marks the beginning of the 91st Annual Laconia Bike Week and it's quite evident from the roar of thousands of motorcycles as they travel the highways and byways here in the Lakes Region. It is also Father's Day, the traditional end of Bike Week, but the organizers decided to shift the beginning of the annual event since Fathers Day is so early this year. It's a good thing they did because the weather last week wasn't conducive to a good turnout, with rain on and off all week. But the weather this week looks like it's going to cooperate and give the ~300,000 expected to visit New Hampshire good weather all through the week.

Over the years the focus has shifted away from Weirs Beach, the traditional center of all Bike Week activities, and has spread all throughout New Hampshire, with additional activities taking place up in Conway and North Conway, the centers of many tourist activities in the Mount Washington Valley.

It looks like it's going to be a great week!


Speaking of Father's Day, I spent part of it with the WP Dad and my Dear Brother over at the WP Nephew's abode for a cookout in nearby Laconia.

At least knowing the back roads made it possible to avoid most of the bike traffic on the main roads.


It's Millah® Time, indeed!


I find it ironic that we may end up being allied with Iran in efforts to stop the ISIS jihadists from overrunning Iraq and turning it into a extremely fundamentalist Islamic state. The ISIS crowd is so extreme that even Al Qaeda wants nothing to do with them, which should tell you something about them.

That Iran wants to help Iraq defend itself against the ISIS extremists tells us that they are concerned that the ISIS insanity might cross the border to challenge their fundamentalist Islamic state. If Iran is worried about them, then so should we.


Honestly, this is what I thought might happen in a home populated with Internet connected devices.

While technological and scientific progress can be a wonderful thing, there are still times we must pause and ask the question “Should we?”

Should such a thing come to pass I think I'd prefer to remain in a technological backwater where no one but me can control the various electronic and electrical devices in my home, thank you very much. That I actually have to flip a switch or push a button is not an inconvenience to me.

The last thing I want is for someone to hack into my home and force me to watch endless reruns of The Gong Show.


We keep hearing about the so-called “Rape Culture” on college campuses. But it looks like the only ones being 'raped' on a regular basis are male students who end up in the college kangaroo courts where all that's needed for a conviction is an accusation. The backlash has started with more colleges and universities being sued by 'convicts', many of whom were expelled with little or no evidence that they had done anything wrong. I expect this list will grow by leaps and bounds as the “Dear Colleagues” letter continues to do damage to campus life and the colleges credibility...and bank accounts.

As they saying goes, punch back twice as hard. It's the only way to end this witch hunt.

(H/T Instapundit)


If we need yet another example of the insanity of the true believers in “rape culture”, then all we have to do is look how many of the loons involved with pushing this false narrative have pushed it even further by stating that “Only white men can rape.”

As Daniel Greenfield so aptly puts it, the social justice warriors have lost their minds. I don't know which reality these folks live in, but it sure as hell isn't the same one as the rest of us.

These folks have got to get back on their meds.


After reading this, I agree with those who believe it's time to defund and dismantle the EPA.

The EPA is a rogue agency, going so far outside its charter and its regulatory limits as to have become a criminal organization, just like the IRS. What's worse is that Obama is giving them as much leeway as they want, which to me indicates some of what they are doing is either at his behest or with his blessing.

The EPA is supposed to protect the environment from easily dealt with issues, not become a dictatorial behemoth which uses 'environmental protect' as its justification to do things which are not within its purview, and in some cases, are unconstitutional.

And if you need any more proof the EPA isn't interested in the truth, there's this. NOAA says this past winter was one of the coldest on record. The EPA says it was one of the warmest. Of the two, I am inclined to believe NOAA.

It sounds like the EPA is trying to justify taking over even more of our lives in the interest of “saving the Earth” from the predations of we Evil-Gaia-Hating-Humans.


I'm sorry, but this doesn't fit the Progressive Gun Grabber narrative: Gun Crimes Plummet As Gun Sales Soar.

That's something we've known here in New Hampshire for a long time. A lot of us own and carry guns, and we know how to use them. Some criminals may have guns, but I doubt they spend much time down at the local range practicing. At best I'd say their technique is more “Spray and Pray” than “One Shot, One Kill.” It might explain why we have one of the lowest crime rates in the nation.


I have written about the problem of low-information voters, but what about low-information representatives?

The money quote from New Hampshire State Representative Sandra Keans (D):

“I don’t try to justify anything by the Constitution, it’s not my job and I don’t want to do it”.

Umm, excuse me, but I'm pretty sure that her oath of office included a phrase stating “support and defend the constitution”, meaning both the state and US constitutions.

I guess we know what she thinks about the constitution and that she doesn't take her oath seriously. She is yet another Progressive Obama Democrat showing her true colors. This type of 'representation' we don't need.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the roar of motorcycles signal an inflow of tourist cash, the roads are going to be crowded, and where returning to work on Monday will seem like a vacation.