Lack Of Caffeine Diaries

In case you're wondering why posting by yours truly has been spotty over the past week, I have an explanation. It hasn't been a heavy workload at work (though I have had to get into work early a couple days this past week.) It hasn't been because I've been nursing one of the feline residents back to health due to an upper GI tract infection. (Hilda is feeling much better now, particularly after her two days at the veterinary hospital.) It hasn't been because I've been busy plotting the overthrow of Venezuela. (That took all of five minutes.)

Nope. It hasn't been any of those things.

Earlier this week we had a catastrophe that shook the core of the WP household, causing a major disruption in our lives and making it darned near impossible to function with any kind of normalcy.

Our trusty coffeemaker died.

No amount of CPR could resurrect it. Nor did threats or bribes. It was D-E-D, dead.

Call it another belated victim of the lightning strike we took last summer.

Without our morning coffee we were bereft. That lack of our first-thing-in-the-morning caffeine jolt left us sluggish, non-communicative, and downright grumpy. Even coffee from the local Dunkin' Donuts drive-thru didn't help because it was too little, too late. This funk carried throughout the day.

I went to the local WalMart to acquire a replacement and was met with semi-empty shelves where boxes and boxes of coffeemakers usually resided. This particular WalMart was undergoing an expansion and renovation and the stock had been removed to facilitate the dismantling and relocation of the shelving. Just a few demo models remained and they weren't for sale.

I had thought to visit the local BJ's outlet after work, but the lasting effects of the lack of first-thing-in-the-morning caffeine robbed me of any ambition to do so.

Some time last night after returning from work, Deb was able to muster enough energy to go to Amazon and order a new one. In her lack-of-caffeine haze, she doesn't remember whether she was going to have it shipped overnight or by ground. I guess we'll have to wait and suffer through yet another few days of lack of first-thing-in-the-morning caffeine jolts until it arrives.

Heaven help us!