Reid's Move For An Anti-Koch Amendment Will Kill Free Speech

At first glance while looking out of the corner of your eye while blinking, the proposed amendment to the constitution put forth by Senate Democrats looks..umm...funny. (Funny 'strange', not funny 'Ha ha'.) When you take a closer look it's easy to see what it really is is a means of Democrats silencing the GOP or any other party they don't like. It is what has come to be called the “Anti-Koch Amendment” and it doesn't bode well for our nation that the Leftists in the Senate believe this is a good idea. (Well, it is....for them.)

Harry Reid's absolute hatred for the Koch brothers is something he has never hidden from anyone. That he is openly hypocritical about what little money they have actually contributed compared to Democrat multibillionaires Steyer and Soros doesn't seem to bother him in the least. It is only those who wish to contribute to conservative candidates or causes that will be banned from doing so.

While the chance of any such amendment making it out of the Senate is extremely slim unless he somehow 'convinces' a good number of GOP senators to vote for it, it will die in the House because there's no way it will receive the required two-thirds vote in the House. And even, by some dark miracle, it did, does Reid really think 3/4ths of the states will ratify such a amendment that will literally gut the First Amendment?

Like many in the comments to the linked post have stated, what it appears to be is posturing by the Democrats in an effort to boost their chances in the mid-term elections this November, trying to show the low-information voters that they're trying to keep big money out of politics. But those who pay attention will realize that all it will do is keep any money to support non-Democrats out of politics. For the Democrats it will be business as usual, collecting millions in contributions from the Steyers/Soroses and their ilk, funding the Leftist agenda of the party.

Silencing the opposition always works...until it doesn't. And then there's usually hell to pay.