It's Still All About Him

I thought that just this once The Won might be able to contain himself and not make a public event, in this case the D-Day remembrance in Normandy, all about him. I should know better by now.

Instead of focusing upon the brave men and women who were part of the largest amphibious invasion is history, he had to get a shot in about how he doesn't need Congress' approval to do anything, even though such 'things' are clearly delineated both in the Constitution and in law. In this case he was referring to the 'deal' for the prisoner exchange with the Taliban to get back Bowe Bergdahl in exchange for five very dangerous Taliban leaders. As we have seen throughout his administration, he believes himself to be above the law and that he is not beholden to the Constitution, which I think we have all come to realize he thinks is nothing but an old piece of paper that means nothing.

When will our self-important, self-anointed, self-centered, egotistical and incompetent president come to realize that none of this, including the office he holds, is about him?

Never. He isn't capable and he never has been.

What will it take before Congress steps in and performs its duty and impeaches this arrogant son of a bitch?

At his worst even Richard Nixon wasn't this bad, and he was a competent leader for the most part. (Yes, his domestic policy sucked, but his foreign policy was top notch.)