No Free Speech For You!

As the Barrister notes, it seems that today's college students have no desire to hear fresh ideas, something they're supposed to be exposed to in our institutions of higher learning. As the Barrister writes, “Fresh, thought-provoking ideas are threatening.”

Many decades ago colleges and universities were places where students expanded their horizons, were exposed to new and different ideas, concepts, and knowledge. Instead they have become centers of indoctrination, intolerance, and closed-mindedness.

As such, free speech no longer exists on many campuses because such speech might just open minds and cause students to start questioning their Progressive mentors and the ideology of hate they have been force-fed masquerading as enlightenment.

Students are willing to listen to radicals spout their hatred, but are intolerant of speakers who extol the virtues that made us a great nation and will work actively to silence them. They are willing to support mass murders who use their religious beliefs as an excuse to kill, but will shout down and threaten those who would lay bare the truth about those fanatics and their aims.

It seems that to many students and faculty, our First Amendment rights end once anyone crosses on to the college campus. The only speech tolerated is that which supports the Progressive goal of world socialism and all of the ills that come with it. Reality and truth need not apply.