Equality Isn't Always Equal

This is probably one of the better analyses of the differences between Liberals and Conservatives. In particular it delves into how Liberals think Conservatives see the world, particularly when it comes to the concept of equality.

For Progressives, “Equality” seems to be the driving force – everyone MUST be equal no matter what area of life is being viewed.  Anything that promotes or allows “inequality” must be stamped out.  Freedom is reserved for the realm of “free from bad consequences”.

It's equality of outcome versus equality of opportunity. Of the two, the former is the worst as in every society that has tried to make everyone equal the usual outcome is misery and poverty imposed by a government that is almost always a tyranny. “Equality” as Liberals define it does not exist in nature, nor is it a part of human nature. Yet that has not stopped them from trying to impose it over and over again through the past few centuries. And every time they do it ends badly, sometimes at the cost of millions of lives before their experiment fails. More often than not they become victims of their own tyranny when their 'subjects' put them up against a wall and end their delusions of what defines equality once and for all.

However those failures haven't stopped following generations from trying again. And again. And again. And every time they end in failure. One would think they would learn from history that it won't work. Instead the lesson they 'learn' is that their predecessors weren't as competent as they see themselves to be and they assume they'll get it right this time. Imagine their surprise when they do just as bad a job as those who went before them, if not a worse one.