Back To The Future

Watching the slow motion train wreck that is ObamaCare has been interesting. It certainly has been illuminating to those who thought it was going to be the coolest thing ever. Seeing the shock of disbelief upon their faces when the reality of ObamaCare hit them square in their wallets would be highly amusing if it wasn't so tragic, and so predictable. That it's also about to start affecting employer provided health care as well makes it even more tragic. It got me to thinking about how it was possible that these poor souls didn't see it coming when the warning signs had been there all along. The more I thought about it the more I realized much of it went all the way back to the 2008 presidential campaigns. That in turn had me going through the Weekend Pundit archives and re-read some posts I wrote back then that look prescient today. Care to guess which topic these posts covered?

Barack Obama, of course.

Reading what I thought about then-candidate Obama gave me shivers because almost everything I thought he would do as president he's done. Some excerpts from a few of the posts I made back then that struck me:

-In the October 2008 issue of Town Hall magazine in an excerpt of an interview by Michael Medved, Obama biographer David Freddoso paints Barack Obama as anything but a reformer, and repudiates his claims that he will 'reach across the aisle' in bipartisanship once he gets into office. His actions over the years speak louder than words, and he has been neither a reformer or bi-partisan.

-By now everyone has heard of Joe "The Plumber" Wurzelbacher from Ohio and the question he asked Obama during a swing through his neighborhood. The question was nothing Joe had planned and, despite claims from many Obama supporters, he wasn't put up to it by the McCain campaign. (It's unlikely they could have even if they wanted to unless they had some means of forcing Obama to walk past Joe's yard.) Obama's answer to Joe's question about taxes on small businesses shows his socialist beliefs unfiltered. It was a crack in the image Obama has worked so hard to craft, and one that should give anyone a reason to question the rest of Obama's claims and campaign promises. And as most of you out there know, Obama stated outright that he intended to "share the wealth", meaning a plan to redistribute the hard earned money of working people and give to those he believes are worthy of the fruits of someone else's labor.

-For an Ivy League educated man, Barack Obama shows in incredible lack of understanding of taxes and how they affect the economy. He has also shown he is no math wiz, making claims about providing 95% of “working families” a tax cut. There's only one problem: a large portion of those working families already pay no income taxes. So how will he cut their taxes? He hasn't really explained that as far as I can recall.

Time has proven these observations to be accurate. Most of the posts made in October 2008 dealing with Obama have been proven by time. Obama is still as much of an empty suit, a con man, and without the needed experience to hold one of the most powerful elective offices in the world. What makes it worse is that in the 5 years since then Obama has learned nothing.