Why Is The New Hampshire AG Going After John O'Keefe?

As if we didn't have enough problems with government and our freedoms, it appears that the Powers-The-Be in our state capitol have decided that James O'Keefe's Project Veritas exposure of New Hampshire's weak anti-voter fraud efforts some time ago, showing how easy it was to commit voter fraud in the Granite State, was criminal. It was these actions by O'Keefe that helped get a Voter ID law passed in New Hampshire by a GOP super-majority legislature, which also overrode the Democrat governor's veto of the bill.

While O'Keefe did not vote and had no intention of voting – he merely asked for a ballot under the name of a dead registered voter – New Hampshire Attorney General Richard Head decided that O'Keefe committed a crime. This in itself was bad enough. But in their search for O'Keefe they dragged in one of New Hampshire's better known conservative bloggers, Skip Murphy of GraniteGrok, appearing at his home with a criminal subpoena for O'Keefe. (Why they thought O'Keefe was there or that Skip had knowledge of O'Keefe's activities is a mystery.)

Since then, O'Keefe has confronted the AG, asking him questions the AG apparently didn't want to answer.

But one question that has bothered me since I read the accounts of what happened:

Why is the AG’s office building “dossiers” on conservative bloggers in the state?

This smacks too much of some of the tactics being used by the Obama Administration. Has the Chicago Political Machine virus infected Granite State Democrats?