Neither Serf Or Vassal

If you don't believe the IRS acted improperly in regards to tax-exempt applications made by Tea Party or other non-Democrat groups, or that the IRS abuse was limited to only one office, listen to this testimony made by Becky Gerritson of Wetumpka, Alabama before the House Ways and Means Committee.

As she stated, the government seems to think it is our master and that it can ignore the law with impunity. She also pointed the finger of blame upon Lois Lerner who sent a letter to Gerritson, illegally demanding more information before the IRS would grant the exemption. This was not an action by a few rogue agents located in one office. It was systemic and showed the IRS was playing political favorites by harassing citizens and groups who did not agree with the President's political ideology.

It's time for the people to clean house, starting with the IRS.

(H/T Althouse)