Ignorant And Proud Of It

It appears Brent's post about the “Idiot Vote” struck a cord with someone and we ended up with an Instalanch. (Thanks, Glenn!)

What Brent linked certainly resonated with me as on more than one occasion I have had to contend with idiots like that – the willfully ignorant – who believe the most unbelievable tripe and no amount of facts or evidence will dissuade them from their belief about things profound and trivial.

What's scary is that a lot of those same folk vote and do so with their ignorance untouched. How is it folks like that can make an informed decision about anything? (The answer is that they can't, but that hasn't stopped them from voting, or worse, from expressing their opinion in a manner that is both annoying and sanctimonious at the same time.)

They things they don't know or that they 'know' but just aren't true would fill several libraries. Ironically, these same folks are proud of their ignorance and they make sure everyone knows it.

We are doomed.