Thoughts On A Sunday

It's been a hot and humid weekend up here in the Lakes Region, with temps well into the 90's.

BeezleBub and I installed the air conditioners on Friday, staving off any issues with Deb about it being too hot. (She likes the heat...except when it comes sleeping, watching TV, reading, surfing the web, etc.) With the heat, most outdoor activities took place during the morning or late afternoon/early evening. (I was out mowing the lawn at 8:30 this morning, well before my 'usual' time in the late afternoon. I also did my dump run around 8 yesterday morning, getting there just after the dump opened for the day.)

Fortunately cooler weather moves in early tomorrow morning and we'll be back into the mid 70's and lower 80's for the week.


One big event that took place over the weekend was the Tough Mudder competition at Gunstock Mountain Resort.

Tough Mudder events are hardcore 10-12 mile obstacle courses designed by British Special Forces to test your all around strength, stamina, mental grit, and camaraderie.

They expected over 12,000 participants which put Gunstock in a bind – they didn't have nearly enough parking for participants or spectators. So what did they do?

The rented the parking lots of the New Hampshire Motor Speedway over 20 miles away and bussed everyone in to the competition.

That made for a lot of bus traffic along the road leading to Gunstock. I mean a lot of bus traffic.


I caught the first season marathon and season finale of BBC America's Orphan Black over the weekend. I found it to be interesting and entertaining.

It did bring up an interesting question about patents on biology, particularly sentient biology.

Talk about opening a can of worms...


By way of Glenn Reynolds come this question being asked by the extreme-leftist UK newpaper, The Guardian: “Why are liberals so rude to the right?”

Reading the comments makes it quite clear that many of those on the left neither understand the Right's political viewpoints, nor do they want to. Quite a few of them also try to put up straw man arguments in defense of their incivility. And therein lies the danger because as time has passed they have come to see us as something less than people. When that happens it becomes more 'attractive” to deal with those they disagree with by more forceful means, including concentration camps and 're-education' centers. History has proven that more than once just in the past 100 years and there's nothing that say it won't happen again.

Ed Driscoll has his own take on the matter of civility.


Eric The Viking links to and comments upon an AP story that is only a few years too late. If the press hadn't been carrying so much water for Obama, they would have reported earlier on the major downsides of ObamaCare, one of the biggest that a lot of people will end up with their insurance cancelled because of it.

The more this happens the more often we should replay Obama's claim that “we'd be able to keep our doctor and our insurance plan if we want to.” Yet another Obama promise is shown for what it is: a fabrication.


Global hotcoldwetdry is at it again.

This time it's affecting the UK, specifically its spring, which has been one of the coldest in over 50 years and is causing havoc with farmers across Great Britain.

Is there nothing hotcoldwetdry cannot do?

(H/T Pirate's Cove)


File this under This Is Just Stupid.

And people wonder why I am against zero-tolerance policies.


The fact that the unemployment rate in the Eurozone has reached an all time high is not surprising to me. Considering the problems of stupid labor laws, a combined monetary unit without coordinated fiscal plans, and an increasing regulatory stranglehold by Brussels, is it any wonder their economy is in trouble?

What gets me is that there are people here in the US that believe we should be following the same path as Europe. All that proves to me is that they are truly ignorant about matters economic and shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a voting booth.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the hot and humid weather is leaving, the summer folk are departing until next weekend, and where once again Monday has reappeared far too soon.