Fallout From The Voting Rights Act SCOTUS Decision

Now that some of the brouhaha has died down from the Supreme Court decision that struck down Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act, I felt it was time to add my two cents worth.

Once the decision was announced, the wailing from the Left was deafening, with some claiming we would see a return to the early 1960's in regards to minorities being able to vote throughout the South. What this tells me is that too many of those folks are still living 50 years in the past. It also means that far too many of them didn't understand the decision, or worst, chose not to understand it because it didn't fit their narrative. It appears their reactions were all emotional fluff and bluster, something I've come to expect from the Left.

Never mind that the decision leveled the playing field, removing restrictions that applied to only a few states, states that no longer required them because voting parity had been attained years ago. States not covered under Section 4 of the Act have unbalanced voter turnouts that rival those of the states now out from under DOJ review. Yet the Left, mostly from those states where minority voter turnout is poor compared to the South, see only through the lenses of the past while ignoring the problems in their own back yards. Again, that is not unexpected.

The Left doesn't really seek parity because if it is attained, their raison d'ĂȘtre ceases to exist and their long running 'empathy politics' will run out of steam, giving them little to do.

One other thing I noticed was the Left's use of the race card, something they should stop using because it's over its limit. When the Left claims that anything they don't like that frees the very people they say the want to 'help' is caused by racism, then the claims of racism starts losing their luster and instead become cliché and people, except the Left, start ignoring it. The only racists still plying their trade in politics is the Left because deep down they do not believe minorities, at least the black and Hispanic minorities, are capable of getting ahead without their help. If a member of their favorite minorities manages to get ahead without their help, they are ridiculed by the Left and labeled as race traitors because it's obvious they 'sold out to The Man'. It's a lose-lose situation, one created by the Left. If that isn't racist, I don't know what is.

OK, I got a little off track, but racism did play a part in the Voting Rights Act, legislation that was created to minimize its effect on the free exercise of voting rights. The removal of a section of the law that was no longer germane and that had long violated the 14th Amendment does not signal a return to the Bad Old Days of Jim Crow, the Left's claims otherwise to the contrary.