Thoughts On A Sunday

We managed to survive the Thanksgiving holiday weekend without much in the way of drama. Probably the biggest issue we had to deal with was the change in weather, going from the 50's on Friday to the lower 40's on Saturday, and the upper 30's today.

BeezleBub had two friends from the farm join us for dinner on Saturday, our 'second' Thanksgiving dinner as it was the one where Deb, BeezleBub and I all had the day off. Horse Girl also joined us.


The New England Patriots have the weekend off as they played Thursday night against the New York Jets.

This was another game I expected would be a close one, but the Patriots blew out the Jets 49-19, in one case scoring three touchdowns in 52 seconds, with two of them only 9 seconds apart!


I've been checking out The People's Cube for some time. Call it a tongue-in-cheek look into the socialist utopia that so many on the left want America to become.

One of my favorite posts dealt with the recycling of old Soviet jokes that are germane to America today. This one scared the bejeebus out of me because I could see how they apply to Obama's America.


Since the unions brought down Hostess, it appears they're redoubling their efforts to get a foot in the door at Walmart, using the same old Walmart-doesn't-pay-a-living-wage-provide-health-insurance-and-has-miserable-working-conditions ploy to worm their way into the American retailer. However, the reality is that Walmart does a far better job in regards to pay, insurance, and working conditions than most other retailers and without the need for a union.

Is it any wonder they've gone to the NLRB to complain about union harassment? (Not that it will do them any good seeing as the NLRB is nothing more than a union-owned government organ.)

The latest union attempt at coercing Walmart to give in – 'occupy' Walmart and disrupt Black Friday sales – failed spectacularly. (Almost all of the protesters, what there were of them, were non-employees.) I believe any future attempts along this line will fail in the same fashion, after all the unions aren't offering anything Walmart employees don't already have, except for protecting lazy goldbricking wannabe employees from being fired for being lazy goldbrickers.


I spent a good portion of the morning cleaning up the aftermath of our 'second' Thanksgiving dinner with BeezleBub's friends and co-workers. A majority of the cleanup was done last night but there was still plenty left to take care of this morning.


In case you've missed it, Stacy McCain has sprung the trap on psycho-stalker Bill Schmalfeldt, aka 'The Liberal Grouch”.

Apparently Mister Schmalfeldt doesn't realize that many of his actions taken while attacking and smearing McCain are illegal.

I liked one comment made by Dianna Deeley about dealing with a stalker:

Once, when faced with an obscene phone call at work, when he asked if I knew who it was, I responded, "Yes. A dead man."

These trolls need to find out that there are consequences to be paid for their actions.

(H/T DaTechGuy)


Coyote asks the question: “Can the majority vote to have the minority send them money?”

That seems to be what Obama thinks, but as we have been warned by more than a few intelligent people, our republic will stand until the voters find out they can vote themselves money from the treasury. We've just about reached that point, if not gone past it like California.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where winter temps have arrived, shopping madness has begun, and where I still have a lot of getting-ready-for-winter chores to do.