Statistically Impossible Election Results

The Democrats like to claim there is little to worry about in regards to election fraud, but the results from the 2012 Presidential elections in a number of precincts in two cities, Chicago and Philadelphia, put the lie to that claim.

In Chicago Mitt Romney received absolutely no votes in 37 precincts. In Philadelphia he received no votes in 59 precincts.

Statistically, such results are virtually impossible. The odds of that happening are trillions to one. Even if no one voted for Romney, there should have been erroneous votes that would have given Romney at least one or two in such a precinct. But he received none in a large number of precincts. Not one. There's no way that could happen naturally. Instead it indicates coordinated large scale voter fraud.

And who benefits from such voter fraud? The Democrats, of course.

People need to go to prison, and not just for voter fraud, but for civil rights violations. (As such, being convicted of civil rights violations of this type can lead to lengthy prison sentences in federal take-it-up-the-butt penitentiaries, particularly if it can be proven there was a conspiracy to do so.) But don't hold your breath because we already know the Attorney General of the United States won't bother to investigate. He's got his marching orders from The One to ignore this assault on the Constitution. (We also know The One has little use for the Constitution.)

A number of American citizens were denied their voices in the election process, making them second class citizens in the eyes of the perpetrators. Who the hell do these fascists think they are? (Oh, that's right, they're fascists and the rights of people who disagree with them don't matter.)

And so it goes in the United States of Obama.