A Russian Immigrant Speaks Truth To Power

George Santayana said “Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.”

And so it goes for those so hell bent on turning America into a socialist country. Despite numerous examples showing that socialism in its various forms doesn't work, we still have people in our country – the Left – who seem to think they can make it work...this time. And as my old friend Yevgeny told me decades ago, Einstein's definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results this time.” So we have a group of people who ignore history and are insane in regards to the proven evils of socialism.

Despite plenty of first hand evidence to the contrary, the Left keeps pushing for all kinds of programs, spending, and government control best left “on the ash heap of history”, to borrow a phrase from one of socialism's 'heroes'.

One of those personal accounts comes from Alla Axelrod, a Soviet emigré (she came to the US in 1979 when the Soviet Union still existed). She explains from personal experience why socialism is such a bad deal for everyone except those in power. She also explains why she hates Obama with a passion – he's no different from the leaders she fled from all those years ago.

The Soviet Union was a very poor country with a very proud people living under a "successful socialism," officially "building a bright communist future," with a military system equal to that of the USA, if not better, with a finger always on a red button, claiming everything is hunky-dory, while people didn't have a pot to piss in, but the bosses in the Russian White House (oops, Kremlin) lived like Tsars. Let me repeat: the average pay was 120 rubles a month, but at least it was guaranteed. On a payday, workers got their promised pay. Very little was taken out of it -- some jobs took nothing, while some bigger organizations withdrew very small fees for union dues, or someone gathered a ruble for a funeral or a gift for someone's wedding, but that was it. So unless a worker spent it on vodka before getting home, he brought the entire pay to his wife and kids.


Most of us Russian immigrants have already been through "successful socialism," where you don't have to work hard, but then you have nothing but rubbish because there is nothing to work for. You have no incentive to do anything. It's a system that evens everything out. That is socialism.

The problem is that it's still a lie. There, here, and everywhere. Some crawl to the top over dead bodies and get a better piece of pie, like many politicians here, who (think about it) produce exactly nothing but somehow get paid for it even after they leave the office, live luxurious lifestyles, get wonderful benefits, and whatnot. Oh, yes -- something is very wrong with this picture.


Even I know that most American money is made by hard work, smart ventures, and good business practices. This opportunity is open for everyone. Isn't it called "the land of opportunity"? Mister Obama himself is a very good example of that! He is doing very well for a black guy -- constantly playing the race card, which I find quite disgusting...and by the way, I don't see him spreading his own personal wealth about. Do you? Did he open any orphanages, animal shelters, sponsor any institutions for the handicapped? Medical charities? Did he personally help any tsunami victims? Maybe I missed those aspects of his noble life. Correct me if I am wrong, but I'd love to know about this humble lifestyle he proposes to make for all of us. I heard he made many millions selling his touching book...why not share some of this wealth with those unprivileged he is so willing to give other people's money to?


The average traditional Russian of my generation is an honest immigrant who came here with empty pockets seeking freedom and a new life after years of a nightmare.

[We] are very grateful, and most of us are real American patriots.

We know what Socialism is face-to-face.

We don't want to live in it again.

We don't want this country destroyed.

We don't want it here, because we'll have no place to run to.

If you can't trust the accounts of those who have lived under the very system the Left (and Obama) want to create here, then who do you trust? The Left who have made their opinions well known and have told you that they're going to control every aspect of your life? Then you are more than welcome to try an experiment and move to one of the few bastions of socialism still in existence and try living under that system for a while. (No, you can't live like one of the elite. You have to live like the rest of the people who aren't in control so you can experience just what they do and what the Left in the US want for everyone here.) Then come back here and tell us how wonderful it was..except that you probably won't tell us it's wonderful.

Alla paints a pretty grim picture of socialism. But then socialism always tries to ignore two intertwined factors: the Law of Unintended Consequences and human nature. That is why socialism inevitably leads to misery.

Some have made the argument that socialism has worked in the EU, but all one has to do is look at Portugal, Italy, Greece, and Spain to see the lie in that claim. These nations are bankrupt and the so-called 'safety net' created by socialism is falling apart. Germany has had to bail out these nations more than once, putting a major strain on their economy. This is not something the Germans will be able to do again without bankrupting themselves. It is the Thatcher Axiom come to life: Socialism works until you run out of other people's money.

Sweden, which has had a socialist structure for decades, finally came to the conclusion that their system wasn't sustainable and have been dialing back many of the previously 'free' services because they no longer have enough money to pay for them. Their experiment with socialism has failed, but at least they recognize its failure and are attempting to do something about it.

It's too bad that not enough people here in the US see socialism for what it is: a system that guarantees nothing but failure and misery.