Thoughts On A Sunday

It was a birthday date for BeezleBub and Horse Girl Friday night, with BeezleBub taking her out to one of our favorite restaurants as part of the celebration of Horse Girl's birthday.

It isn't often that they've had the opportunity to go out fro dinner at some place other than Friendly's due to BeezleBub's work schedule. Now that he's working a somewhat more normal Monday through Friday workweek they should have more time to do the normal dating stuff.


Dr. Helen reminds us that the PC Police on college campuses have it in for men, trampling on their civil rights and allowing unsubstantiated allegations of sexual assault (which has been so broadly defined as to be meaningless) to substitute for evidence. The idea of “due process” doesn't exist on many campuses and the only evidence needed is the accusation. An example of this injustice:

One in particular is Caleb Warner who was kicked out of school and banned from every North Dakota state campus for three years after he was found guilty by a campus tribunal of sexually assaulting another student. The police investigated and filed charges against the accuser for filing a false police report about the assault. (Emphasis added – ed.)

Even though Warner was innocent (the police said so) he was denied a rehearing and it wasn't until the debacle was made public by FIRE that Warner got his 'day in court' and the ruling of the tribunal was overturned. Unfortunately there are a lot of other men on college campuses across the nation who are afforded no such opportunity to defend themselves and are either expelled or leave due to the hostile environment created on the campus.


Tom Bowler disagrees with Karl Rove's prediction that a Romney-Ryan declaration of victory will be made in the wee hours of the morning of November 7th. Tom believes it will be called before midnight on the 6th and that the margin of victory will be greater than the 51% Rove has predicted.

Part of Tom's arguments rests upon the 91% of households surveyed by pollsters either won't respond or won't offer an opinion. That's one of the lowest response rates in 15 years. Tom believes the cause of the fall-off in respondents is the explosion of blogs and the resultant decline in trust of the MSM. It could also be that fewer people have landlines and are more dependent upon cell phones than ever before. Both of these factors mean pollsters have an ever shrinking pool of voters to survey which in turn means the poll error rate is going to be higher.

I agree.


When it comes to natural disasters, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has shown that he has the “Wrong Stuff”.

Rather than dealing with the widespread power outages, flooding, and fuel shortages caused by Sandy, he starts spouting off about global warming. Rather than dealing with the widespread power outages, flooding, and fuel shortages caused by Sandy, he decides it's okay to shift badly needed resources away from disaster recovery and towards supporting the New York City Marathon (which he finally cancelled after a lot of political blowback from all quarters).

Rather than dealing with the widespread power outages, flooding, and fuel shortages caused by Sandy by allowing National Guard troops into Brooklyn to help, he declines an urgent request by the Borough President because “the NYPD is the only people we want on the street with guns” despite the fact that the NYPD and FDNY are overwhelmed and cannot deal with the outages and looting taking place.

Bloomberg has got to get his priorities straight.


As if the aftermath of Sandy isn't a big enough problem, a possible Nor'easter may be hitting the eastern seaboard on Wednesday, adding to the already difficult situation with which the folks in New Jersey and New York are dealing.


The New England Patriots have a bye week this week, so no game.


The endorsements for president from military personnel, specifically retired military, keep rolling in. At the moment Mitt Romney has received over 500 such endorsements. Obama has received...five.


This ought to go over well with the taxpayers in California.

California State University administrators are campaigning for tax hikes to keep the university system from having to impose budget cuts.

There are two things wrong with this plot, the first being that maybe the university system needs to make budget cuts and start dumping all of the excess administrators infesting the system which is why their costs are so high.

Second, they may be violating a state law “barring the use of government resources for political purposes and for 'urging the support or defeat of any ballot measure.' ”

(H/T Maggie's Farm)


I'm surprised Obama didn't call for a drone strike on this one.

By way of Glenn Reynolds come this picture of a coal barge on the Ohio River flying a Gadsen flag.

Obama could have taken care of the guys with the flag and the “yucky coal” in one fell swoop, but I guess he was too busy campaigning or playing golf to deal with the situation.


Also by way of Glenn comes this study in contrasts between what the Democrats say in regards to voter fraud, opposing means of decreasing such fraud and what they actually do.

By ensuring there is no fraud the Democrats won't be able to commit such fraud, something that has been a deciding factor in a number of races including at least one for the US Senate. (Al Franken, anyone?)

Then there are others who openly admit to voting multiple times in an effort to “do whatever it takes to save our country from the world envisioned by Mitt and his fear mongering followers.” Needless to say both the local authorities and the FBI field office in North Carolina have been notified. I guess the joker making the claim doesn't realize that what he's done is a felony and can lead to decades in a federal prison.


France is about to learn a lesson in economics that the UK learned back in the 1970's (and has now forgotten), that being that if you raise taxes enough, particularly on the wealthy, they will simply move elsewhere and take the wealth with them.

The French government will not collect anywhere near what they think they will in additional revenue, assuming they collect any additional revenue at all. (This seems unlikely.) In fact, it's quite possible they will collect less revenue over all, leaving them even deeper in the financial hole they've been digging themselves for decades.

Welcome the the real world, France.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the temps have fallen, it's getting close to time to fire up the woodstoves, and we're close to escaping the perpetual campaign ads.