Thoughts On A Sunday

The impromptu Christmas party at The Manse was a success. I think everyone enjoyed themselves.

I dealt with the aftermath this morning, cleaning up the leftovers, washing dishes, and getting everything else squared away.


The New England Patriots played the Washington Redskins in Maryland, defeating them 34-27.

While I hope the Patriots keep winning, I don't think they're ready for a playoff season with all the players they have out injured, particularly in their secondary.


Is the Eurozone finally tipping over the edge? The idea of the Eurocrats taking even more control over member nations' economies are causing Britain, Sweden, the Czech Republic, and Hungary to back away to take a second look at where the EU is headed.

I don't blame them. Why would they want to tie themselves to an economic system that is increasingly being run by Brussels, and poorly at that?

Maybe it's time for these 4 nations to pull the plug and get out of the EU while they still can.


Ace of Spades asks, “What has Obama learned in office?” The answer: not much.

Obama is supposedly a learned man. We are told he is a rara avis, in Chris Buckley's dribblings, a true intellectual.

When was the last time Obama actually learned something about the world?

Did he, as the book's title might have it, Learn Everything He Needed To Know By Second Semester Sophomore Year?

Rather I'd say he hadn't learned enough then and stopped learning since then.

(H/T Maggie's Farm)


Let's hope that more progressives will take the red pill.


Scary Yankee Chick unfriended a dyed-in-the-wool closed minded vegan uninterested in any studies or evidence that contradict her Eating-Meat-Is-Evil/Bad-For-You/And-So-On rants.

I have to agree with Ruth on this one. Why waste your time on someone so closed minded?


Bogie tells us about seeing a Boeing Dreamlifter, used to haul 787 Dreamliner assemblies to the Boeing factories for final assembly.


Only in California...

Apparently Glendale, California has banned the use of artificial turf on front lawns “due to the potential for hazardous compounds, such as lead, that are used in the making of the fake turf.” But it's perfect OK to use on back lawns, the very same back lawns where children play and would be more likely to be exposed to the potential hazardous compounds.


(H/T Pirate's Cove)


To quote Cap'n Teach, here's a little traffic bait: leaked pictures of Lindsay Lohan's Playboy shoot.


By way of Instapundit comes this Frank J. Fleming opinion piece making the case for anti-intellectualism, particularly as it applies to those who think that because they're 'smarter' they should be the only ones allowed to run the country.

Now, I don’t ever want to be accused of arguing that any politician is anything other than a useless nitwit who gets in the way of people who do real work, but there does seem to be some trouble in this country in judging who is smart and who isn’t. The main problem may be confusing “simple” with “dumb.”

If something is simple, then dumb people will believe it. And if dumb people believe something, then soon some conclude that smart people should believe something else. There’s a flaw in that philosophy.

Why shouldn’t you touch a hot stove? There’s no complex, smart answer to that. You’ll get roughly the same answer from Stephen Hawking that you’d get from Forrest Gump: It’s hot, and it will hurt.

But say you were going to argue that you should touch a hot stove. That would have to be a very complex answer, since it defies basic logic. And some people could run with that, talking in detail about pain receptors and the brain’s reaction to stimulus, and come up with a very smart-sounding argument on why touching a hot stove is a great idea.

Others will go further and mock all those ignorant people in the flyover states for their irrational fear of hot stoves and announce, “The most enlightened thing to do is to press one’s face against a hot stove.” Those people are what we call intellectuals.

Not very flattering, is it? But then I've come across far too many of that kind of intellectual. Unfortunately a lot of them were in government or education.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where cold temps have arrived, people are still scrambling to get the Christmas shopping done, and where the end of the year is approaching too quickly.