An Abbreviated Thoughts On A Sunday

The computer problems continue, with the monitor on my machine unwilling to display anything other than the power up screen before going to sleep. Even the forums have been unable to help me figure out how to wake it up. I think it's going to require a call to HP Tech Support, meaning I'll be in phone tree hell.


As Christmas approaches I have to admit to my annual Christmas anxiety/angst. While I love Christmas Day itself, it is the time leading up to it that I find so disquieting. It's like everyone around me has unminded themselves are driven to get their Christmas shopping done to the point where they are no longer sane.

It's scary.


The New England Patriots played the Denver Broncos in Denver today. The Pats record against Denver has never been stellar and they struggled against them during the first quarter, but turned it around during the second and blew them away in the second half.

Tim Tebow had a heck of a game despite the Broncos loss, proving he's someone to contend with.


While the rest of us are struggling to make ends meet, Obama has no problem with taking ever more costly Hawaiian vacations. Funny that the MSM rarely makes a big thing about that as compared to the heat Dubya took for his vacations to his ranch in Crawford. (At least while he was on his ranch he was working, cleaning things up and getting the chores done.)

(H/T Maggie's Farm)


Also by way of Maggie's Farm comes this from Glenn Reynolds, covering the exodus of people and businesses from Illinois.

As Glenn warns, “If you want to come to Tennessee, fine. Just don’t come here and then vote for the same policies, and clowns, that ruined the state you came from.”

We have the same attitude about people from Massachusetts fleeing the high taxes and social engineering experiments and relocating to New Hampshire. Here we usually have to school the folks about how things work, particularly in regards to taxes and spending at the local and state level. We work hard to break them of the “back where we come from” syndrome.


I have to agree with Tom Bowler in regards to Mitt Romney: “This is no time for Republican or Libertarian purity and no time for tossing away the good in a futile quest for the perfect.”

There is no perfect candidate, regardless of party. What we need is someone good enough. I'm coming to believe Romney just might be it.


And that's the computer-problem caused abbreviated news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where it was a whole lot colder than Denver, the lakes isn't showing any signs of ice, and where Christmas is fast approaching.