Computer Problems

It isn't that I have had nothing to blog about or haven't wanted to do so. On the contrary, I have wanted to but have had to deal with computer related problems since yesterday afternoon.

First, there was a UPS failure that caused problems because of issues with bypassing it. I had the choice of running the cable modem and router or my computer. The modem and router won that one.

Then, after replacing the defective UPS, I found that my monitor would no longer work.It would turn on, the menu showing the which input was active would display (and it did detect the computer and show the DVI input was active), and then it would go to sleep because as far as it was concerned there was no reason to remain on. I cannot even call up the monitor's menu to force a reset to factory defaults, nor have I been able to find any information on the 'net about how to do that. (Unless HP decided to forego that option, almost every piece of equipment containing a microcontroller has a means of forcing a reset to its default setiings in case it unminds itself and gets stuck in a configuration that makes it useless.)

I had this problem with the monitor once before but I can't for the life of me recall what it is I did to restore it to a useful state. Until I do blogging might be light as I have to share the remaining operational computer with Deb and BeezleBub.