Indecision About The Remaining GOP Candidates

Now that Herman Cain has dropped out of the race I must admit to not being sure who, if anyone, I will support for the New Hampshire Primary, just a wee bit over a month away.

I don't particularly care for Newt Gingrich one way or the other. I have no love of Romney as he seems a little too bland for me. (He was governor of the People's Republic of Massachusetts, and had to deal with a perpetual Democrat majority in the Massachusetts House and Senate, something that takes a lot of compromise. Perhaps too much compromise, like RomneyCare..er..MassHealth.) Michelle Bachmann is no Sarah Palin. Both Rick Santorum and John Huntsman are non-entities as far as I can tell. The only one I've been taking a closer look at has been Ron Paul.

While I agree with many of his points, there are a few that make me a little uncomfortable. One in particular is his almost isolationist view of what America should be in regards to foreign affairs. I can agree with him that the time is long overdue to bring the troops back home...from Europe. World War II has been over for 65 years. The Cold War for 20. Why are they still there? It seems most of Europe has decided they don't need to spend much for their own defense because we're doing it for them and sticking us with the bill. Maybe it's time for them to deal with their own defense. (About the only EU nation still maintaining it's own defense forces is the UK, and even they aren't at the level they were 10 years ago.)

In any case there's no one candidate that is at the top of my list. That might change the closer we get to the primary in January. Then again, it might not and I'll end up voting for the candidate that offends my sensibilities the least.