Will This New Engine Change The Automobile?

We hear of innovative inventions all the time. Some are slightly different versions of existing technologies. Others are radically different and new. The one I'm covering here is somewhere between the two.

A new type of engine, called a Wave Disk Generator, has no pistons, crankshafts, or valves. It is reminiscent of the old Chrysler turbine engine, manufactured in 1963 and installed in 55 cars for testing purposes.

While the details of the Wave Disk Generator are different from the Chrysler turbine, there are similarities. One of the biggest is that both are capable of using just about any fuel, be it gasoline, kerosene, diesel, Jet-A, alcohol, or vegetable oil.

The new engine will be connected to an electrical generator, which in turn could be used to charge batteries or drive electric traction motors in a vehicle. According to the developers the new engine will be able to use up to 60% of the energy from its fuel,compared to about 15% in a standard internal combustion engine used today.

Might this engine be the basis for advanced hybrids some time in the near future? Maybe.