Is Extended Daylight Savings Time A "Saves Energy" Scam?

If this article in the Washington Times is correct, it is.

While I have nor problem with DST, I do find it to be a pain changing the clocks twice a year, and even worse, adjusting to the time change.

As it stands now Daylight Savings Time lasts 8 months (from early March to early November) and Standard time only 4 months. I have no problem staying on DST all year long (I'd rather have daylight later in the day during the winter months).

Back in 1973 President Richard Nixon imposed DST year round during the Arab Oil Embargo in an effort to “save” energy. According to the WT article, it doesn't, but I don't care. The things I liked was that we didn't have to change the clocks and we had an extra hour of sunlight after school. Yes, it was dark in the morning on the way to school, but that wasn't as much of a problem as walking home from school in the gathering gloom.

I will admit to being a bit lazy this past November when we made the change back to Standard Time. You see, I never changed the clock in the trusty F150. I figured “Why bother? I'm just gonna have to change it back in a few months anyways.” And here we are, approaching that time of year and the clock will now be right and I didn't have to change anything.

Maybe it's time to stick with DST and do away with the twice-a-year clock change.