Why Businesses Start New Factories Overseas

We hear the platitudes from the President, his cabinet, and his 'czars' about how they're going to get America working again, bringing jobs back to the people.

Unfortunately it seems they have been doing everything they can to make sure that doesn't happen by making it a long, lengthy, painful process for new business ventures to being able to fund and build the factories they need here in the US. That's why they end up building them overseas instead.

Why should any company build a factory here when they know they'll be buried under never ending paperwork and conflicting regulations, held hostage by petty and/or incompetent bureaucrats, or taxed to the Nth degree even before they manage to manufacture a single product? The US has never been so hostile towards business as it is today. But then one has to look at our national leadership to see where that hostility originates, notwithstanding all claims to the contrary by said leadership..