Do The Unions Really Believe This Will Work?

One has to wonder how the public sector unions believe their crusade against Wisconsin taxpayers is painting them in a sympathetic light. With multiple reports of union thuggery, verbal threats made by union members and supporters towards Governor Scott Walker and GOP members of the legislature, less than civil words from a Wisconsin Democrat towards a Republican colleague, violation of reporters' First Amendment rights by union activists, blatant astroturfing both inside and outside the Wisconsin State House, and ever more unpopular 14 fugitive Wisconsin state senators abrogating their oaths of office and on the run from neighboring Illinois Tea party activists, is it any wonder the American public does not support their efforts?

Too many taxpayers across the nation see for themselves the union overreach that will directly affect their wallets as states will be required to take even more money from struggling Americans to meet the unrestrained union benefits and pensions. The unions sound more like spoiled children when they complain about the size of their raises or demands to pay a piddling amount (compared to workers in the private sector) towards their own benefits and pensions at a time when everyone else has had to tighten their belts to make ends meet. About the only place the public sector unions will find sympathy is in the dictionary.

The people have had enough of profligate spending by government at the federal, state, and local level and they won't stand for it any longer because they have nothing left to give. It's time the unions realize this and stop making the taxpayers and the politicians supporting them the bad guys in this battle.