More Than Just A Pretty Face

How many of the celebrities we've followed over the years are hiding a secret known only by a few people? Many would be shocked to find out what they were hiding.

What is the secret to which I refer?


No, not the “I want to eat your brains” kind of secret. Rather, it's the fact that they actually have extraordinary smarts.

The latest to make the list of brainy celebs is Academy Award winner Natalie Portman.

She's not just a pretty face, she's also something of a scientist, and has been since her high school days. She also studied neuroscience at Harvard.

A few others to add to the list include Mayim Bialik (Ph.D. in Neurobiology), Danica McKellar (B.S. in Mathematics), Brian May of Queen (Ph.D. in astrophysics), Lisa Kudrow (B.S. in Biology), and one of the most beautiful film actresses ever, Hedy Lamarr (co-inventor of spread spectrum radio communications).