Environmental Lawsuit

At the suggestion of Dan from Taiwan (see this post), I looked into the lawsuit filed by an environmental activist against world leaders to the tune of $1 billion, citing their failure to prevent global warming.

Say what?

So this boob has decided because world leaders won't act on questionable scientific hypotheses they should pay up?

Activist and blogger Dan Bloom says he will sue world leaders for “intent to commit manslaughter against future generations of human beings by allowing murderous amounts of fossil fuels to be harvested, burned and sent into the atmosphere as CO2″.

The prosecutor’s office at the ICC, the world’s first permanent court (pictured below right) for war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity, says it is allowed to receive information on crimes that may fall within the court’s jurisdiction from any source.

“Such information does not per se trigger a judicial proceeding,” the prosecutor’s office hastened to add.

The question is: will or should the prosecutor take on the case?

I would think true environmentalists would want the ICC to stay as far away from this suit as possible. Should the prosecutor decide to go forward with the suit, the “warmists”, those blaming all climate change on human use of fossil fuels, will finally have to put up their evidence, meaning all their evidence, to back up their claims. They may find their evidence falls far short of convincing anyone, let alone a judge or jury, that climate change is All-Our-Fault. The skeptics will finally be able to present their case, putting holes in the claims made by the AGW faithful. It could be such a suit would finally put a stake through the heart of the warmist dogma. Then we can get back to doing the things that need to be done rather than wasting our time with this dreck.

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  1. hey, Eddy Chan, who you calling "boob"? It's Dan Bloom, not Dan Boob. You might disagree with me, but sir, no need to resort to insults.... Come on, you know better than that. I know you were just kidding, but please.....respect each other....no>


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