British Climate Scientists Get It Wrong

It seems the climate scientists at the UK's Met Office haven't kept up with the news and are still trumping Al Gore's “global warming will doom us all and it's all our fault” cant.

At one point in the linked article made mention that the hottest year was 1998, when just about everyone else knows that conclusion was based upon flawed analysis of NASA data and that the actual warmest year over the past 100 years or so was 1934. That right there clued me in that the scientists at the Met Office are not to be taken seriously. No mention was made of the recent find of over 100,000 British Royal Navy logbooks dating back to the 1600's.

The graph included in the article showing global average temperatures goes back only to 1850, ignoring previous warm cycles like the Roman and Medieval Warm Periods where global temps were believed to be higher than what we've experienced to date. And if solar scientists are correct, the long delayed Cycle 24 of the Sun's 11-year sunspot cycle may be a harbinger of another lengthy cool period, lasting decades or longer.

If the globe is cooling and we see the advance of glaciers and polar ice, does that mean we're still at fault because anthropogenic global warming caused the cooling? Sounds like a no-win scenario in that regard: if it gets warmer, it's global warming; if it gets cooler, it's global warming. So sayeth the Gorical. And woe be upon those that do not heed His words, for they are apostates and must suffer great ridicule and be cast out to freeze in the global warming caused Ice Age!

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