Another Group Affected By The Recession

There are a large number of people being affected by the downturn in the world economy, including factory workers, bankers, homeowners, lawyers, real estate agents, stockholders, and small business owners. Now we can add another category of those affected by the economy: toxic wives. Unfortunately their husbands (or should I say soon-to-be-ex-husbands) are also being affected far beyond the recession.

When the super-rich feel the pinch, inevitably, the Toxic Wife heads off.

The Toxic Wife, first identified in these pages almost two years ago, is a particular and terrifying species.

...the Toxic Wife is the woman who gives up work as soon as she marries, ostensibly to create a stable home environment for any offspring that might come along, but who then employs large numbers of staff to do all the domestic work she promised to undertake, leaving her with little to do all day except shop, lunch and luxuriate.

Having married her wealthy husband with his considerable salary uppermost in her mind, the Toxic Wife simply does not do "for richer, for poorer". Little Dorrit, she ain't.

There are countless stories of them acting in the most bizarre and inhumane ways. For gold-diggers are materialistic to such an extent that they are emotionally detached from other people.

There's an inability to [empathize] with another human being. They certainly don't ''do'' conscience. Money, on the other hand, they both love and understand.

And now you know why they are called “toxic”. All they bring is grief if they don't get their way, particularly when it comes to spending money.

With today's economy in such turmoil, even many of the rich are having to watch their spending, something a Toxic Wife will not embrace nor tolerate. Rather, she bails. She starts looking for another sugar daddy, in many cases while she is still married to her now suffering husband.

Fortunately I won't have to deal with such a woman. I have no money, never did, so my wife sure as heck didn't marry me for my vast financial holdings. But I've come across a few 'toxics' in my time, and very briefly dated one. But once she realized I didn't have millions in the bank, she scraped me off like someone scraping dog poop off the bottom of their Blahniks. Thank God.

(H/T Maggie's Farm)

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