AGW Proponents Making Same Dire Predictions

Despite increasing evidence their predictions about anthropogenic global warming are wrong, some of the biggest proponents are still making dire predictions about arctic ice being completely melted in 5 years and record high temps returning in 4 years.

These predictions have been put forth despite record cold temperatures and snowfalls in the northern hemisphere and rapidly growing arctic ice and resurgent glaciers.

As always, the dating of these predictions is just far enough ahead so should they not come to pass most people won't even remember them being made...except for many of us in the blogosphere.

Folks like NASA scientist James Hansen and former Vice President Al Gore keep cranking up the rhetoric even though their predictions have not borne fruit. Climate models used by the AGW faithful have been no more successful, yet many cling to them like an overloaded lifeboat, praying their flawed models will somehow and miraculously turn out to be right before the chilly waters of ridicule and hard evidence drowns them, figuratively speaking.

There's good reason for them to be doing this: they cannot afford to be wrong. If they are, their grant monies and world importance will slip away and they will join the ranks of the many other alarmists and crackpots that have gone before them into the “dustbin of history”.

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