Those Annoying Campaign Ads - My Take

As the bombardment of negative campaign ads has escalated, I have to admit I'm tired of them, no matter which party or candidate is running them.

One of the most annoying ones are those tying GOP candidates for the House or Senate being inexorably tied to President George W. Bush, blaming them for voting with him “X% of the time!”

My response: So what?

Members of a particular political party will vote along with their fellow members a majority of the time, be they Democrats or Republicans. Those running these ads seem to think it's unusual.

But the thing that gets me about those most annoying “voted with Bush” ads is what they don't say. Most of those ads blame the entire economic debacle on Bush's policies. Here's my rejoinder:

(Ominous Radio Voice):

“George Bush's economic policies brought prosperity to millions of Americans, and created millions of new jobs. But since the Democrats took control of Congress, led by Senator Harry Reid and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, our economic outlook has changed from one of prosperity to one of failing banks, business turndowns, ever rising mortgage foreclosures, record energy prices, and deficit spending not seen since FDR and LBJ were in office.”

“Do we want to continue the Democratic policies that brought this about?”

“Maybe it's time to send the Democrats home....”

Is it accurate? No less so than the anti-GOP ads. Is it any different from the ads constantly bleating on our TVs and radios? Absolutely not. It's just as germane to the campaigns of Democratic candidates as it is to Republican candidates.

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