Is Anyone Paying Attention To The Polls Anymore?

It's been interesting to watch the polls over the past few weeks, seeing the spread between one polling organization and another. If nothing else it makes me question their polling methods, the number, type, and location of people they poll. All I can say for sure is that too many of the polls are getting it wrong. Some pollsters are biased towards one party or another, while others aren't asking the right people or right number of people or a reasonable cross section of people. This seriously skews the results and makes people like me stop paying attention to the polls.

It's not like I'm alone in this. Many across the blogosphere have noticed this, both on the left and the right. Certainly Glenn Reynolds has linked to numerous reports and blog posts asking the same questions I have.

At the moment the number of polls I've looked at have said it's anywhere from 51-41 Obama (Kos) to 44-43 Obama (AP), to 51-49 McCain (Mason-Dixon).

What it all really comes down to is that the only poll that's worth anything is the one that takes place on November 4th (and I'm not talking about exit polls).

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