The Real Obama Shines Through....

It appears some of Barack Obama's own words are coming back to haunt him. I doubt anyone hasn't heard of or listened to an interview he did on WBEZ radio back in 2001 (Transcript available here). But he leaves no doubt about what he believes when it comes to wealth, the Supreme Court, and his disappointment they didn't get involved with redistribution of wealth.

Somehow he equates social justice with discredited theories of redistributing wealth, in other words, taking money from you to give to people he thinks deserve it more than you. Spoken like a true socialist.

He also tries to make the case that the government isn't prevented from doing what he thinks it must by the US Constitution, regardless that it might unconstitutionally violate a number of individual rights.

Of course the Obama campaign says the release of this interview is nothing but a smear tactic. But how can they make that claim when the entire interview is available, unedited? Which is the real Barack Obama: the slick media creation or the fellow we hear on the interview? While his rhetoric now describes his plans in fancier and less specific language, I doubt very much he has changed his plans. All we need to do is remember his answer to Joe the Plumber. It appears he'll work very hard to turn the US into a socialist nation, one with an economy he helped destroy, all in the name of “fairness”.

Obama's promising change. Unfortunately for all of us it will be change none of us can afford.

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