A Response To One Of The Anointed

A comment to this post prompted me to write a response to the commenter, someone calling his/herself Berillium. At first I merely replied in the comments, but decided to break it out into its own post. First, Berillium's comments:

Siding with a purveyor of the misery bought upon us recently as a result of erratic policies and cronyism for fear of a man of a different race, though his blood is red like yours, is as morally bankrupt as it can get.

You remind me of so many people in third world countries who will remain loyal to the worst dictators out of a complete self-defeat and utter hopelessness.

But you are far worse, at least you have some ability to make a change.

You say you are not ready to be lead by a black president? I don’t think you are ready to be lead by anyone. And you are running out of time.

Not once has McCain mentioned the middle class in his speeches? Do you think you are above the middle class? Do you think you are even middle class?

It’s tragic to learn that if Obama was white in your eyes you’d be right there with him, but he is better. His father is white, his mother is black. He personifies the American Dream. A dream that every American can live and proper and attain the highest office, should they apply themselves to it.

Individuals like you should grow up (and grow a pair) you are not kids needing to be led by a cowardly gramps and his manufactured nurse. You are adults that need to be shown a better way to help you get where you want to go, and the only one that can do that today, is president Obama.

And my response:

First, you make accusations against me that have no basis in fact. Not once, not once have I ever made reference to his race, and particularly when it come for my reasons for not supporting him. It wouldn't matter if he were white, I still would not vote for him. His pandering to the likes of you may have convinced you he has all the answers to the problems in America, but he hasn't fooled me.

His ideas on how to 'fix' America are nothing new. They've been tried before and failed miserably. All one needs to do is look up LBJ's Great Society to see where most of Obama's ideas came from. The only problem is that he'll make a bigger mess of it than LBJ did. His fixes will only make things worse, trap even more people into poverty, raise taxes to an unsustainable level, drive even more American businesses overseas, and bankrupt the nation.

He is not a savior. He does not have the answers. All he does is mouth platitudes you somehow have come to believe mean something, but are semantically null. He says much, but means nothing.

You say I need to grow a pair? You effin' pissant!! You know nothing about me. You know nothing about what I've accomplished in my life, and you say I need to be led by a "cowardly gramps"? That "cowardly gramps" has far more courage, fortitude, and honor and has faced horrors you will never experience. And I'll put my accomplishments up against Obama's any day because I know I've done far more than he has ever dreamed of doing.

He talks a good game but he rarely follows through. All of the community organizing he did amounted to nothing and accomplished the same, leaving little to show for his efforts...other than bolstering his rather thin resume. He managed to piss away over $100 million of Annenberg Foundation funds and has nothing to show for it. That's not bold leadership. That's incompetence, or worse, fraud.

Your savior is an ambitious empty suit whose only talent is promoting himself. Get back to me when he's actually done something noteworthy.

All I've ever wanted to be is left alone by our ever-so-helpful government. I don't need their guidance. Nor do I need guidance by the aforementioned empty suit. He may be the embodiment of the American Dream to Berillium, but he has too many shady acquaintances, too many connections to the corrupt Chicago Democratic political machine, and too many unanswered questions about his so-called accomplishments that make me question his motives.

I've looked into Barack Obama's voting record in the US Senate and it's dismal, when he's actually bothered to on something other than being 'present'. He's rarely made it on to the Senate floor over the past two years because hes been too busy running for President. At least McCain has made an effort to get there and vote on important legislation.

Unfortunately for Democrats, Berillium's comment has done nothing other than prove to me the Left has become seriously unhinged, having lost touch with reality and the middle class. All I can see Obama doing to the middle class is making them yet another set of 'victims' that will become beholden to Obama and the government. But then, hasn't that been his plan all along? He doesn't want people to be independent, to be able to deal with life's ups and downs by themselves. He wants his vision of the Nanny State to take care of all of that because he believes we are incapable of taking care of ourselves. His kind of help will do nothing for the middle class other than make them disappear.


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