Thoughts On A Sunday

Cleanup continues in the area of New Hampshire hit by a tornado this past Thursday. We rarely see tornadoes here in the Granite State, but they do make an appearance now and then.

Deb and I managed to avoid the storm by pure happenstance, having driven through part of the area damaged by the tornado only an hour before it hit.

I guess timing is everything.


This is something I realized a long time ago:

The NEA is the mirror image of the Taliban.

Considering the resolutions passed by the NEA during their annual convention held over the Fourth of July, I'd say the NEA is scarier than the Taliban.

(H/T Maggie's Farm)


Neo-Neocon comments upon Obama's travels and speeches and comes to the conclusion that his actions may have played directly into John McCain's hands, showing Obama for the ambitious showboat he is.

She also links to a post she wrote over a year ago offering an analysis of Obama and stands by what she wrote back then as nothing has happened to change her opinion of him.


The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Virginia contains the seventh largest deposit of uranium in the world, but the anti-nuclear kooks are willing to do anything to prevent the mining of that uranium, even lie through their teeth.

To quote Jack Dunavant, who tries to “paint a picture of environmental apocalypse”:

"There will be a dead zone within a 30 mile radius of the mine," he says with a courtly drawl. "Nothing will grow. Animals will die. The radiation genetically alters tissue. Animals will not be able to reproduce. We'll see malformed fetuses."

It is the typically overblown rhetoric used to elicit fear even though there is no basis to make any such claim. But isn't that what many of these anti-nuclear wackos do, appeal to emotion rather than fact?


Why is it I'm not surprised that labor unions are all for making it easier to intimidate workers into forming unions?

Despite their claims of employer intimidation, supposedly abetted by the use of secret ballots, it is they who will use intimidation by requiring an “open” vote, overseen by union officials.

Related stuff here.


Eric the Viking links to an Economist article that makes the statement “the election is Obama's to lose”. This statement is based upon the state of the US economy and Obama's plans to increase taxes and redistribute wealth.


Thunderstorms had been threatening all afternoon and finally swept through this part of New Hampshire. At least they weren't as bad as the ones that hit this area on Thursday. About the only threat these storms posed was some localized flooding.

I'd take that any day over the tornadoes we experienced last week.


Speaking of weather, we're hoping to make it out on the lake Monday morning as it looks like the best weather of the day will be before noon. It's been almost two weeks since we've been able get out on the lake due to the unusual weather cycle we've been experiencing the past few weeks; morning weather great, early afternoon weather clouding up, and thunderstorms late afternoon and early evening. With BeezleBub working until 4PM most days and feeling pretty tired once he gets home, evening trips have been out of the question. So tomorrow will be our first real chance in a while.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the weather has been unkind, Leann Rimes is performing at Meadowbrook, and where we hope to get some boating in tomorrow.

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