Gun Control

Larry Elder ponders the question '”Why do we keep and bear arms?”, ruminating about the use of firearms by law abiding citizens and the relationship between the ability to keep and carry firearms and crime rates. However, while Elder brings up valid points, it is the comment from one of his readers that got me chuckling, if for no other reason than he's dead on about the topic of gun control.

At ease, maggots.

Sergeant Slaughter's here.

Gun control? GUN CONTROL?!

What kind of maggot thinks we don't need gun control?

Of course we need gun control!!

Without proper gun control, how the #$%@#% hell are ya gonna hit anything?

After properly training myself, I have the gun control I need to get a nice tight three shot grouping right smack dab in the middle of the &*^%&$ target!

Of course, I know you %#(@%& lefties are thinking gun control means law abiding citizens shouldn't have guns. Well, you maggots need to pull you heads out of your collective *ss!

What are ya gonna do to defend yourself? Take careful aim and throw your liberal bleeding heart at a violent intruder in your home? Yeah, pukes, why don't you see if that works?

After the intruder eats you alive for breakfast, maybe eventually the puke will decide to break into the home of yours truly, and then I can show him the meaning of proper gun control.

"Nuff said!

Fall out!


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