Rabble Rousers And Publicity Seekers

Sometimes it takes government time to get things right, even at the local level. And sometimes it takes the watchful eyes of citizens to point out when government gets it wrong.

In one case, two concerned and outspoken citizens blew the whistle when their county government broke the law in regards to selecting a replacement to serve out the county sheriff's term, which was left vacant when the sheriff stepped down.

According to New Hampshire state law, such an action is supposed to take place during a public meeting, but the county convention did it by secret ballot, violating the state's Right To Know law. The two citizens filed suit in state court and the court found in their favor, agreeing the county convention had erred, voting in secret when they should have voted publicly.

The convention voted on the replacement again, and got it wrong again, which prompted another filing with the court. The poor replacement for the sheriff has now been in and out of office twice, and has taken it personally, even though the two citizens involved have stated more than once they have no objection to the county's selection, only to the county's illegal procedure.

Now it's gotten ugly, with threatening letters to the two citizens showing up and a police investigation started due to those letters.

If nothing else this series of events show we have to watch our government closely, at every level, in order to ensure they follow the same laws just like the rest of us. We should never be intimidated into silence by those who are governing with our consent, which can be withdrawn at any time.

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