Thoughts On A Sunday

The Fourth of July weather cooperated, giving us a beautiful day. If only every summer day was like that!

Yesterday was spent at one one of the WP siblings for a family get together. Cousins by the dozen(s) attended and a good time was had by all.


High gas prices have been having an effect on people's plans for summer vacation. We've certainly seen that here in New Hampshire, with the number of out of state summer tourists down a bit, but in state tourists making up for some of it. A large influx of Canadian tourists have also been making up for the drop in out of state tourists.

One place the effect has been quite evident has been out on Lake Winnipesaukee, with boat traffic down a noticeable amount, despite reports in the statewide newspaper to the contrary. I've certainly noticed boat traffic being far less than it has been in previous years. Boat traffic was down last year when gas prices on the lake were $3.50 per gallon. This year it's about $4.60 per gallon. You can't tell me it's not having an effect on boat traffic.


Why does the MSM keep making comparisons between today's economy and the Great Depression? We aren't even in a recession, yet to hear the media tell it we're only a hairsbreadth away from our economy being worse than the Depression.

It almost seems they'll be greatly disappointed if the economy doesn't tank and the unemployment rate doesn't reach 20% or higher. It also seems they'll do what they can to make it happen, making dire predictions and scaring the crap out of everyone in order to bring about the economic collapse they want.


Will Obama have to worry about the Veterans For Freedom doing to him what the Swift Boat Veterans did to John Kerry? The VFF will start running TV ads touting the truth of the results of the surge in Iraq and the progress made there and in Afghanistan, which too much of the media has ignored.

Obama appears to be ready to flip-flop on Iraq and the VFF will undoubted hammer him on his stands on Iraq and the surge.


And speaking of Barack Obama, making a comparison between him and John McCain when each is “under fire.” The response of the two candidates after Wes Clarke slammed John McCain shows one of the differences between the two.


With the rapid rise of oil prices, both businesses and municipalities have been looking for ways to cut energy consumption.

Some businesses have shifted their work schedules to reduce the number days their employees must commute, with many of those going to 4 ten-hour work days. By staggering the work schedules the businesses remain open 5 days a week, but commuter costs drop 20%. Other businesses are allowing more of their employees to telecommute.

Some police departments have decreased the amount of miles patrol cars will cover during a shift, with officers spending more time on foot or bicycle.

Schools in the northern climes have also considered switching to a 4 day schedule to reduce their heating and lighting costs once the heating season starts. This will also reduce the amount of fuel needed to bus students to and from school by 20%.


Speaking of oil prices, is it possible oil prices could collapse? The usual driving forces for rising prices aren't really there. The rising prices seem to be more the result of a bubble, and like all bubbles they eventually deflate or burst.


It looks like al Qaeda in Iraq has finally lost its last stronghold, driven out of Mosul or killed. The once feared terrorist organization has been savaged and is a shadow of its former self. With this development the chances for the Iraqi government's success has increased.


Will the UK economy come to resemble that of the stagnant 1970's? If so, paint PM Gordon Brown gone.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the crowds of the Fourth of July weekend have gone, the quiet has returned, and where quiet boating awaits the rest of us.

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