A Night Of Politics

It seems that tonight mus be a “politics” night.

While I could easily make all the points I'm going to touch upon separate posts, I'm too lazy to do that tonight. Well, not that so much as too busy. And rather than do a slapdash post on each subject, I'm going to do an even lamer combined post.

How's that grab you?


First, the Republican debate.

I didn't watch it live but I did get a chance to catch it online. Not bad. Not bad at all.

I have to say that Fred did moderately well. FactCheck.org said that he was far more accurate in his facts than Rudy.

But Roger Simon didn't think that Fred was all that good.

Considering it was his first debate, I'm willing to cut him a little slack. But only a little.


Second, Hillary's vote on Iran's Revolutionary Guard being declared a terrorist organization.

Frankly, it surprised me that she went against the rest of the Democrats in Congress, something she's been roundly criticized for by her fellow Dems. But she probably has a better insight about the Iranians than many other Senators due to her tenure as First Lady.

Maybe Glenn Reynolds is right – Hillary Clinton, the best wartime President in American history.


How is it that Al Gore received a Nobel Prize? While the selection committed cited his work on global warming, I am disappointed that he received the Nobel and an Oscar for An Inconvenient Truth. The 'documentary' did a good job on selling a bunch of climate science half-truths and falsehoods as The Truth.

Al Gore may be concerned with the environment, but he uses a con man's tactics to incite panic, which in turn will cause many of us to take the exactly wrong actions to alleviate a problem that has been grossly overstated.

In other words, he's a politician.

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