A Look At Missus Thompson - Future First Lady

While the focus is on the Presidential candidates, it's not too often that we hear all that much about the candidates spouses. A few stand out, like Elizabeth Edwards, battling cancer. Or Bill Clinton, former President and potential First Fellah.

One that has received attention as well, mostly on the negative side in an effort to smear her husband, had been Jeri Thompson, wife of Republican candidate Fred Thompson.

The press hasn't always been kind to her, trying to paint her as a gold digger who broke up Fred's first marriage (untrue). She's a self-made woman, successful in her own right.

And now there's a blog that covers her and her activities, both on the campaign trail and at home, titled appropriately JeriGirls. It's banner line says it all:

Defending a woman's right to be smart, beautiful, and Republican.

I plan to check in quite often.

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