Calling The Phony Soldiers What They Were

Isn't it interesting that the Democrats swift moves to condemn Rush Limbaugh for calling out the “phony soldiers” like Jessie MacBeth for their anti-war sentiments while at the same time they had to be goaded into condemning MoveOn.org's smear of General Mark Petraeus.

It suited the Dems to misquote Limbaugh in order to make it seem that he was calling any soldiers that expressed anti-war sentiments as phony soldiers when in reality he was calling truly phony soldiers/war vets what they were: phonies. Either they had never served or they had claimed to have been in combat in Iraq or Afghanistan when they had, in fact, never been in either country. That's what any reasonable person would call a phony.

Smash outed more than one phony vet at one of the antiwar protests when he “infiltrated” one of the marches and, with a little conversation with the alleged vets, found that they were not what they claimed. They too were phonies, paraded about in an effort to give the antiwar groups the illusion of legitimacy.

It is the Dems who should be condemned for their actions in deliberately misquoting Rush in order to gain some “street cred” with the nutroots folks.

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