Fred Speaks Softly

How is it that while running a low key campaign that Fred Thompson seems to be gaining ever more support? He certainly isn't out there making the usual campaign stump speeches like many of the other candidates. If anything, he tends to be low key, simply stating his beliefs and ideas.

He doesn't speak like a preacher, slowly building up the excitement of his followers and working them into a frenzy. He just talks plainly about what he believes needs to be done in this country to keep America on the right track.

He's certainly not trying to be all things to all voters, something that far too many candidates past and present from both parties have been striving to do.

Maybe that's why more people are starting to pay attention to him. He's not laying on the b******t like so many of others. It's certainly a refreshing approach to getting the message across. It's also one reason that I've been a Fred Head for some time.

That's not to say that one of the other Republican candidates wouldn't make a good President. I can think of two that would likely do quite well. But I still believe that Fred Thompson would make the best President of all of the candidates, Republican or Democrat. Apparently I'm not the only one.

Conventional wisdom is hardening around the proposition that Fred Dalton Thompson is too lazy, ill-prepared, tired, old, lackluster, inexperienced, inconsistent and bald to make a successful run for President.

Of course, conventional wisdom rarely gets anything right. When it does, it's only by accident.

In this case conventional wisdom is not just wrong but comically so. Thompson will win the Republican nomination for two reasons. First, he's a very impressive candidate. Second, there's no realistic alternative. He will win the general election for the same two reasons.

While I am not as optimistic as J. Peter Mulhern above, I think that Fred has got a pretty good chance. All we can do is wait and see what the outcome will be.

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