NH Motorists To Pay For Legislative Thefts

It looks more likely that the state will be raising highway tolls in order to meet the funding requirements of the New Hampshire Department of Transportation. This is something that will be setting a bad precedent, letting the Democrat dominated legislature see that the can get away with stealing money away from the DOT and then forcing the taxpayers to make up the difference. What kinds of taxes or fees will be raised next in order to feed the coffers the Dems will be working so hard to empty?

Of course, if the legislature actually followed the state constitution, the DOT wouldn't be short of funds. You see, under New Hampshire's constitution, all fuel taxes, tolls, registration and drivers license fees are supposed to go to the DOT exclusively. But the state legislators have been diverting those funds for anything but maintaining and building our state's highways.

I would think that rather than raising tolls, the legislators should return the constitutionally mandated funds where they belong. Then there's be no need to raise the tolls.

Also, as mentioned by our friends over at GraniteGrok, the DOT could also use some judicious cost cutting, looking at ways to save money and stretch the tax dollars the do receive a little farther. Raising tolls and, at some point, gas taxes, should be the last resort, not the first.

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