Thoughts On A Sunday

BeezleBub has returned from the WP In-Laws, having spent a good portion of his school vacation with them this past week.

Tomorrow he returns to school.


Ed Mosca comments about how the so-called battle of New Hampshire's funding of education is nothing more than a confidence game run by the Democrats and RINOs (Republicans In Name Only).

I fear he's right.


Lorie Byrd asks the question, “What is conservatism?”


An poignant editorial in today's New Hampshire Sunday News (Manchester, NH) backs up my assertions from this post.

They might as well send engraved invitations:

"Dear terrorist,

"You are cordially invited to Baghdad on March 1, 2008, for a farewell party for U.S. armed forces. By that date the last U.S. service member will be withdrawn from Iraq, and you are invited to celebrate as you see fit. There will be plenty of unsecured weapons to hoard, unguarded borders to cross and defenseless infidels to slaughter."



"The Democratic Congress"

"* Bring Your Own Bomb"


It's not surprising to anyone that has used both WindowsXP and Windows Vista why Dell is again offering WindowsXP on it's Inspiron and Dimension lines.

While Vista is pretty, it is a resource hog and has a number of hardware and applications compatibility issues. XP is familiar and works quite well. Vista is not a quantum leap as XP was over Windows 95/98/ME.

Another strike against Vista is that 30% of businesses have no plans of upgrading to Vista, according to an Information Week survey.

A number of major federal agencies, including NASA, the U.S. Department of Transportation, and the Federal Aviation Administration, have all decided to forego -- at least for now -- moving their desktop systems from Windows XP to Windows Vista, in part because some of their current business applications won't function properly on the OS.
Some prestigious universities, such as MIT and Stanford, have also shelved Windows Vista upgrades until compatibility issues can be resolved.

It goes to show you, just because it's new doesn't automatically mean it's better.


Tom Bowler actually put it together better than I could, so I'll link to his post about Al Qaeda, Iraq, and Afghanistan and how the Democratic leadership in Congress is a couple of years behind when it comes to which county is now the prime factor in destroying Al Qaeda's influence. A hint: it's not Afghanistan.

Tom also wonders why George Tenet is puzzled about the whole thing.


Here's someone who says that global cooling is coming. Soon.


Pam has some comments about John Voight's views on things political and a link to his appearance on The Bill O'Reilly Factor on Fox News. Says Pam:

To update what I've said before, it's nice to know that not everyone in Tinseltown wears a tin-foil hat.

Amen to that, Pam.


Raven has an answer for dealing with gun wielding nutjobs like Cho, and it's not running away. This is one woman you don't want to mess with. Oh, and don't mess with her daughters either. They'll kill you.


With the problematic weather today BeezleBub and I got little yard work done. Dead vegetation was removed, old mulch raked out, some new mulch added, and that was about it. The on-again/off-again rain made it difficult to get much more than that taken care of today.

Sometimes that's just the way it is.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where a few of the summerfolk have made an appearance, marinas are working feverishly to get boats prepped for launching, and where Monday has come again all too soon.

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